Warm, caring, nurturing, and compassionate supervision environment 


I am a qualified supervisor with a Level 6 Diploma in Supervision (distinction).  I provide supervision to trainee and qualified counsellors for mental health charities, schools and the helping professions, both on an individual basis and in groups. In a confidential setting, face-to-face or remotely by phone, Zoom or Skype, I offer a warm, caring, nurturing, and compassionate therapeutic environment where counsellors can present their clients, feeling safe and not judged.

Supervision involves a number of relationships between clients, counsellor and supervisor. I trained integratively and draw on Inskipp & Proctor’s Supervisory Alliance Model (1995), which encompasses the supervisory tasks through its 3 functions: normative (managerial/administrative), restorative (supportive) and formative (educative/learning).

My supervision wheel illustrates these 3 functions in the outer circle, maintaining a focus and underpinning the relationship.  The Relationship in the inner circle has the priority relationship between supervisee and clients in the middle.  The arrows illustrate the other relationships, which my supervisee and myself, as supervisor, have with her clients, the agency, and training organisation, where relevant.

Supervision Graph
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Individual Counsellors:

"I value you being nurturing and encouraging as well as challenging of myself and insightful."

"I appreciate your open attitude ...... very willing to listen to my thoughts, ideas and experiences before offering advice and guidance.  Our developing relationship is very much a partnership in support of my clients' wellbeing as much as my development as a counsellor."

"Our relationship is professional and supportive but also friendly and grounding.  You never appear to judge and are supportive and approachable. You signpost books and resources relevant to specific issues and clients, and always give me the space and time to examine and develop insight and self awareness.  As a counsellor, I fully appreciate how much more effective my learning is when I'm able to see things for myself!" 

Trainee Counsellor in a Group:

"I have found the relationship incredibly supportive, guiding, and empowering.  You are always calm and thoughtful which enables a freedom to be utterly honest and open.  I have never felt criticised yet have learned valuable insight and considerations at every session, be it through me directly or as a group."


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